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Yesterday’s Photo started out in early 2000 as a supplier of engraved Awards and Recognition products to businesses, government and universities, and continues operating under the name of Vellica Awards (www.vellica.com). 

As a supplier to a wide variety of companies, from PepsiCo to Cisco Systems, Vellica Awards also branched out into corporate apparel (www.brandyourapparel.com/today ) as well as in serving a company’s promotional product needs (www.vellica.norwood.com). 

Today Yesterday’s Photo serves the needs of consumers who desire to make those very special photos more special by remembering them in a more visible way, and to keep them from being forgotten by being misplaced in a drawer or buried on a hard drive.

We are committed to serving you, our customers, with great photo products you’ll cherish in your homes and offices for years to come.

So thanks for visiting Yesterday’s Photo - your memory in a new way today.